• Here at Second Chance Life Safety, we provide a vast array of courses. These classes can be taught at your home, in your office confrence room, at your school, or at a hotel meeting space. Greg Ceisner is a┬áregistered paramedic. He is registered in North Carolina and South Carolina by EMS providers. He has had 17 years of experience in emergency services. Contact him for any questions you have about the courses offered or certification process.

    Greg Ceisner


    Greg is a certified firefighter and EMT-P in his 16th year in the emergency services field. He holds certifications in both fire and EMS instruction. And is also a Certified Infection Control Officer. Born and raised in Western New York, he began his public safety career in 1995 at the age of 18 working for third service ambulance company. He had been involved in the public safety service ever since. Greg has been a certified instructor since 2000 and continues to obtain certifications in many different disciplines of fire and ems instruction. He has worked for career fire departments in New York, South Carolina and currently resides in Clayton North Carolina with his wife.


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