Teach Me Life Safety

Welcome to the Teach Me Life Safety web site.

Here you will information and articles about many aspects of safe living, self defense and related topics. Today's world is a dangerous place. That's no secret, daily our news brings us stories about shootings, stabbing, muggings and terrible crimes. I have decided to do something about all of this so, I set up this web site to help. If it helps one person survive an attack then I feel all of the time put into this site was well worth it.

The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

Albert Einstein
One of the greatest minds of all time, Albert Einstein is quoted above. I personally very strongly agree with Einstein on this. We need to be more aware of what is occurring around us and we can take steps to help protect ourselves and loved ones.

I encourage to participate in this site by leaving your comments below any of the articles I post here. I welcome your thoughts and they are important to me however, please be respectful. I will not tolerate any name calling, bad language or general mis-conduct and those tpyes of comments will be removed. I realize many of the topics covered here can be politically or religious charged so, I try to remain unbiased for all political or religious views.

I hope you like the site and drop me a line if you think you have something to offer or if this web site has helped you in any way.