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Leather Locking Concealment Purse - CCW Concealed Carry Gun Shoulder Bag

Leather Locking Concealment Purse

Looking for a slick CCW purse? Checkout the Leather Locking Concealment Purse, Holster Gun CCW Purse. It's beautiful and stylish as well as very functional for your weapon concealment. The purse is the perfect size, and strap is a perfect length.

The gun pouch can be accessed on the right or left and both sides lock. This is a great safety feature if you are somewhere where you might leave your purse unattended. Included with this purse are many pockets and other zippered pockets. This handback allows you to be organized and have allot of room for all of your stuff and your hand gun.


  • Leather
  • Patented YKK Zippers - 2 Lockable Concealment Compartments with 4 Keys
  • Stylish Shoulder bag
  • Size: 13 in. X 11 in. X 5 in.
  • Velcro positioning holster included
  • Many compartments and pockets

Checkout the Great Reviews!

I got my new leather locking CCW purse a couple days ago and I love it!! Constructed well and fits my Glock 43 perfect! I love how the purse has a dual entrance with zippers on both sides for if you are left handed or right. It came with 4 keys that they all worked on both of the locks! I like how the holster has a big Velcro strip to hold your gun/holster in the position you want. I also love all the smaller pockets on the front and side of it to carry my keys and phone! Definitely recommend this style and!!

Gretchen A. Paxton
I searched for a nice but practical conceal carry bag for quite a while. They either had terrible reviews for falling apart or were too small or just didn't have the compartments I wanted on the inside and put for storage. I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it! The three storage areas inside, outside pockets for phone/keys and zipper areas were perfect!

It's also a really good size for keeping my Rugar .380 lcp along with a thick wallet, make-up bag and miscellaneous other things. I have little kids, so can even throw in some diapers if the need arises. It's a really good purse in my opinion! I wish it had been in a cream or gray color, but decided to go with the orange so it at least would be somewhat different. I would definitely recommend to anyone!

Rosemary Mclain
I love this purse so much that I just purchased another one in Brown so I now have one in Black and this new one. If you conceal carry, this is the purse for you and it comes in three colors so there is one for everyone.

Room plus some for everything I need. I carry quite a bit of stuff including prescription glasses and sunglasses so I needed a large bag but one that isn't suitcase case. This purse fits the bill and I have gotten so many compliments and none of the persons realized it was a concealed carry purse since the zippers to the gun area are not visible but are still easy to access.

M. Norman
I absolutely LOVE this purse. I had a concealed carry purse before, but it wasn't real leather and it started looking really worn and crappy quickly. Not this bag, though! It looks great even after several months of using it. The locks were a little confusing at first, but I have figured them out - you just need to turn the key in them a couple of times around (almost like screwing them in).

The leather is a little stiff at first, but it makes the bag feel more substantial and I feel like it will last. Finally, I like all of the pockets, there really is a pocket for everything and it fits all of my stuff nicely. Really, a great buy!

Price: $79.99
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