How to Survive in a Mass Shooting

Mass shooting situations are happening more and more frequently, and the problem is many people don't know what to do in these situations. So today, we're going to be going to a professional to teach us what to do in the event of a mass shooting. Now, please watch this video to the end and share it with a friend because this might actually save your life.

An active shooter situation, they vary greatly from one to the other. No two are gonna be the same. They are a very dynamic, unpredictable incident that you truly don't know what's in that shooter's mind or shooters' minds, what they're after or what their goals are. So what you have to start thinking about is today, before it even happens, before you're even there. What will I do when I go to maybe a school or a building that may be a target of an active shooter?

The first and most important thing to do with thinking about active shooters is prepare for it, and you prepare today for tomorrow. So what do you do to prepare? Every time you go into a building, you need to look for where the exits are, what's the quickest way out of that building, what parts of that building would be good to hide in for shelter? You wanna hide in secure rooms where you could lock the door and make sure it's a secure door. You know the little hollow panel door isn't gonna stop anyone from busting through it, but if you see a room with a metal door with a heavy deadbolt lock on it, that's somewhere you could go into and lock it down where he shouldn't be able to get in there or at least until the police get there.

And you need to take notes of all these things within that environment of how will I get out quickly if I can't get out quickly because the shooter is between you and the exit, where is a good hiding spot. Maybe if you're gonna go into a classroom or an office, is there another exit outside of that, out a window. If you're putting yourself in a corner, you truly got to think about, is that door that's preventing that shooter from coming in strong enough or the structure of it is strong enough to protect you from him. You don't wanna get cornered as we saw down in Orlando in the bathrooms where you could walk in and there's just nowhere else to go.

So now, you get to a location, shots are fired, and there are people running and it appears to be an active shooter situation. What should you do? Well, the first thing you should do is evacuate or run, get out of there, and this is where that ‘being prepared' comes into play, where if you know your exits and you hear the gunshots and you see people running away from a situation, you should already know your exits or where you're gonna go. I wouldn't worry much about what you're carrying. If you're carrying bags and books and stuff, drop them just so you can get out of there in a hurry. Your life may depend on it.

What happens next is if I'm not able to run because that shooter is between me and the only exit. What do you next? Well then, the next thing you would do is look for a hiding spot. Look for something out of view, something that's secure that you could block the entry and possibly another room or office that leads you to a possible egress route which could be a window, another door into another hallway that can bring you out another way. And again, this is all if you prepare correctly every time you go into a building or into a situation where there could be an active shooter, you already have those answers. The other thing you should do is if you're hiding out and you're trying to be quiet, make sure you're shutting off the ringers to your phones and electronic devices. You don't wanna be sitting in there and he listening or trying to look or she looking in or listening and your phone goes off, they'll know someone's in there.

Lastly, if running doesn't work because there's no egress route and then hiding, there's no good hiding spots, the last course of action would be to engage him or fight, and that would be your best chance of living. If he's walking through or she's walking through and firing shots at everyone they see and you're that close to him and he's coming up close to you, then you need to take action. You need to engage him and try to unarm him. Try to take the gun away from him or whatever he's using. And if you're gonna be aggressive, this is the one time in life where you need to be really aggressive because you can't quit. You got to fight for your life, and that's what you're fighting for. If you're gonna fight and you're gonna get hit, he's gonna hit you, you better be ready for the punch or the hit or some very aggressive fighting, but you do need to win that fight if you're gonna live. So that's all very important things, and that fighting and engaging would be your absolute last resort, where it's he's gonna pick the gun up and shoot me or I got to fight for my life, and that's where you do it.

Another thing, in general, that's very important to take into consideration is in these situations, it's very easy to be panicked and scared and afraid, and that's all fine, but you need to stay calm. If you don't stay calm, your chances of surviving would probably be limited and lower, so you stay calm, you could think things through. As hard as it may feel or be, you need to think about this in advance. “If this happens, I'm gonna be prepared for it. I know my exits. I know from walking in this building where I'm gonna hide if I need to, and then if I have to, I'm gonna fight,” but all along, you stay calm and you think things through better when you're calm. When the cops arrive, hopefully, it isn't too long.

You try not to have anything in your hands. If they approach you, you show them your hands, you show them you have nothing, no quick movements reaching into your pocket for an ID card or a wallet or something like that. It could be very dangerous. The cops, again, don't know who the active shooters are so you wanna keep your movements to a minimum and don't stop to ask them questions or anything like that.

If you wanna direct them to where the shooter is, where the people are that are injured, or the description of the individual, that's one thing, but you don't wanna stop the officer from ending this active shooter situation by asking him questions. If you have information to give him, you give it to the officer and then you just continue on with your hands up and I would continue with my hands up until you're in safety and well away from the scene, because even though you passed that one officer, there could be two or three officers coming behind them. And then if you're picking up your stuff with bags and stuff, they may see that and mistake you for one for one of the shooters or a shooter.

So if you have a legally-possessed firearm, Joey, that's a damn good question. It really is a good one. There are two ways to look at this. If you're a licensed firearm holder and you legally possess it, well, the reason people have licenses to carry firearm is for safety, the majority of them. There are small groups that are just strictly target and competition-type permits, but the majority of people carry them for safety. So wherever you may be or wherever you got your license, you had to take safety courses and certainly, you adhere to the local and state laws, that's the situation where you could utilize a firearm to end the threat of this guy killing everybody.

Reason it's a very dangerous situation even for you, because as the cops come on the scene, they know somebody's shooting and they know it's probably a bad guy, but then they come around a turn and see you with your gun out, like I said, that's gonna be a tough one. But certainly if I was in an active shooter situation and I had an opportunity to end the threat by using my lawfully-possessed firearm, I absolutely would, but then, just keep in mind that the cops responding aren't gonna know you're licensed to carry the firearm. They just know someone's in there shooting and killing people and we're gonna go in and stop that threat.

General guidelines, if you could stop the threat safely, stop the threat safely, but then, just keep in mind that you have the police coming and they're not gonna know you're licensed to carry that firearm.

Thank you guys for watching. Please share this with everybody you know. I hope this saves lives. I hope you guys learned something.